12 Questions to Ask to Get Words that Sell

What do your clients experience after working with you? 

This is the first question I ask before I write copy for my clients, and oddly enough, it seems to be one of the toughest to answer. 

If they do have an answer, it’s usually a vague one-liner like, “They said they like working with me” or “They said my program was great.” 

Yeah, that’s not quite the response I was hoping for. 

When I get generic answers like the ones above, I ask if they’ve considered sending out a follow up survey with specific questions to get more meaningful testimonials. 

I would, if I just knew what to ask. 

Invite Your Clients to Share Their Experience

If you’re a service provider, host online courses, or facilitate coaching programs, one of the best ways to get captivating testimonials is by sending a follow-up survey to your clients. 

But sending random questions with scales from 1-10 and drop down responses is not gonna cut it when you’re looking for capturing captivating client testimonials. You need clear, directive questions. Questions that invite your clients to share what they were experienced before, during and after working with you. So you can collect tangible results and transformations that transpired after your clients worked with you. 

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of questions you should ask, here are my top 12 that get the type of responses you can turn into captivating testimonials:   

1. What were you experiencing before working with me? 

2. What specific issues or feelings were you struggling with?

3. How were these issues or feelings affecting your life and/or business?

4. What alternative solutions did you consider or try in the past?

5. Why did you choose to work with me?

6. What might have happened if you had not made this decision?

7. What reservations, if any, did you have before you hired me?

8. Were there any unexpected benefits of working with me that surprised you?

9. Were there any special skills or unique qualities that made our work together easier or more enjoyable?

10. What tangible benefits did you receive after working with me? 

11. Was there anything missing that would have added significant value to your experience? 

12. How likely are you to recommend my services to others? And if you are likely to recommend my services, I’d love to know what you might say to someone about me.

Make a habit of sending a follow up survey to your clients after you work with them or after they complete your course or coaching program. This way, whenever you’re asked, what do your clients experience after working with you, you’ll be able to answer this important question with confidence!  

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