Manifesting has been so mystified and complicated, and at the same time, detrimentally oversimplified. 

There’s really nothing woo woo, mystical or simple about bringing what you want into reality. The truth is, you are always manifesting whether you are aware of this or not.

I recognize that this may seem a bit off topic for a marketing and sales copywriter…

But using this practice is exactly how I’ve created the business and life I have today.

2020 offered a surprising opportunity to reflect and review just how I tap into my power as a creator.

I discovered I’m not special or unique in any way except for this…

I believe in and honor my power to co-create the life I want.

And I do this by practicing some things repeatedly – consistently – seriously…

The practice of manifesting can be a bit tricky, though. 

On one side, you must be open to receive what you want and feel deserving of it. 

And on the other side, you have to be willing to explore the very depths of your soul, especially the unconscious parts – to really KNOW who you are. And it’s not always easy to be aware of what gets in the way of bringing to life what you really want. 

What most people don’t know about manifesting is… 

  • It’s a practice, not an overnight magic spell or “one and done” kinda thing
  • It’s not woo woo or mystical at all (In fact, manifesting is methodical and requires taking specific steps)
  • It’s more scientific than you think
  • It requires a strong commitment to dive deep and explore every part of you, and especially the unconscious and the “ugly” parts

So, what in the heck does it mean to manifest? The most simple way to define manifestation is the act of intentionally using thought and emotion to bring something into existence. Here are just a few examples of now tangible things that were once just a thought…

  • iPhone 
  • Computer
  • Microwave
  • Treadmill
  • Printing press

Everything you experience as real (tangible) today was once just a thought that was intentionally explored and acted upon consistently.

Think of a time in the recent past when you had a thought, took some type of action big or small and poof – it came into existence. Now think of a time you worried about something happening and you even came up with how you might handle this situation or event if it did. Then, a few days or weeks later.. BAM! That unwanted situation or event happened! Both are you manifesting. See, you already know how to do this even if you weren’t consciously aware of your power.

So where’s the practical magic in all of this?

When you become aware of your thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) and how those thoughts influence your reality, you are practicing your power to co-create! 

To manifest, then, means to actively, consciously and consistently use your power as a creator to bring your thoughts into a tangible reality.

Right about now you might be saying… 

“Woah, hold up Kelly! I think thoughts all the dang time about what I want and I don’t see any of what I want happening in real time. So I must be missing something.”

My answer is, you’re right. You are missing something and your thoughts are bringing things into your life… but maybe not the things you really want. 

According to the latest research, we have over 6000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of thoughts! But how many of those 6000 thoughts are we actually aware of? And how many of those thoughts are positive and focused on what we really want? 

If we think so many thoughts per day but remain unaware of what we think about most of the time, it’s not only possible but very likely that we are unconsciously drawing both what we do want and what we don’t want into our lives.

Because the truth is, you are always manifesting. The question to ask yourself is whether you are intentionally manifesting what you want or unintentionally manifesting what you don’t.

What Gets in the Way of Getting What You Want

There are three things that continually get in the way of you getting what you want. As you read through these, take note of the one that most resonates in you.

#1: You talk about manifesting but you don’t actually believe it works (consciously or unconsciously).

For example, you write down your wildest dreams and during or after doing so, intense feelings of overwhelm, fear or doubt creep in.  These feelings keep you from taking any action towards what you want. On a deep level, you don’t really believe in your power to create. 

#2: You have conflicting thoughts, beliefs or feelings about what you want

If I had the money, I would…

If I just had more time, I could…

If I knew more, I could start…

These are often the things people say to themselves when they have a big dream and a conflicting belief about achieving it. Basing possibilities on past experiences is a sure fire way to keep you from experiencing what you want. You don’t have to know how all of your dreams will come about. That isn’t your job as a creator. Your role is to align your thoughts, beliefs and feelings with what you want, claim your dreams and take inspired action towards them. 

#3: You aren’t clear about what you really want

This is the biggest obstacle to manifesting. You simply aren’t clear about what you want. This can show up in a couple of curious ways like…

  • You base your vision and your dreams on outside influences or expectations (aka following what others think or tell you that you should want) 
  • You worry you’ll wish for the “wrong” things. You have BIG dreams or a grand vision that unconsciously you believe you don’t deserve. Your ego mind is giving you “reasons” why it’s wrong or bad or evil to want what you want.
  • You’re afraid what you wish for will actually happen! You’re afraid you won’t be able to handle or manage the changes and responsibilities that come with achieving a high level of success or making a ridiculously large sum of money.

Here’s What Does Work When it Comes to Manifesting…

  1. Committing to and believing in your power to create (You have to actively and consistently practice believing in this power before seeing or experiencing your power).
  2. Taking the time to clear out what doesn’t belong to you (and probably never did) 
  3. Willingness to explore your deep seated and mostly unconscious thoughts and beliefs 
  4. Tuning in to your energetic resonance with all areas of your life
  5. Creating a clear vision and planting the seeds of your wildest dreams
  6. Focusing on getting into the feelings and emotions of what you want to experience every day as if you already have what you want.
  7. Remaining open to any and all possibilities in regards to how your desired outcome shows up in reality
  8. Taking inspired action and trusting that whatever you’ve asked for will show up in your life.

All of the above make up the 8 step practice of intentionally manifesting what you want in your life.   

This 8 step practice is what I’ve been using for years and why I’ve been able to co-create (and lead) the life of my wildest dreams including: 

  • A loving life partner who is truly perfect for me
  • A healthy and loving relationship with each of my three grown sons
  • Strong connections and bonds with women I adore, admire and respect
  • A thriving business where I work with highly creative and intelligent men and women
  • Travel to over 15 countries across 5 continents 
  • Happy and peaceful home surrounded by natural elements I love like evergreen trees, rivers, creeks and mountains
  • Numerous creative projects that bring me great joy 

I don’t share all of this to brag. I’m telling you this to make you aware of what most people don’t know. And it’s this: there’s really nothing special about those who make their dreams come true and those who don’t. 

I don’t have a high IQ nor do I make millions of dollars a year. I’m not famous in any way. I’m not young or what most people would consider beautiful. I didn’t come from money nor was I raised with a healthy mindset around wealth. In fact, I’m really quite average in all ways except for one (and this is important), I believe I have the power to bring about what I desire.

I created The Practical Magic of Manifesting course in partnership with Celebrate Your Life to document my own practice and provide the steps for others who are ready to believe in and honor their power as co-creators.

If you’ve tried manifesting and nothing happened or worse, more of what you didn’t want kept showing up…

This new downloadable audio course + playbook that takes you step by step through co-creating the life of your wildest dreams. What I can assure you of is this – if you buy this course and use the 8 step practice we share in this new course –  it will be the best $27 investment you ever made.