If you’re thinking about hosting an online event but wondering if it’s really worth it…

With most of the world still under COVID restrictions, online events are on the rise and this trend is sticking around. According to MarketingTech, online events are “expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027.”

But are there really measurable benefits to hosting an online event for your business? The simple answer is yes.

Hosting Online Events Increases Visibility, Reach and Shortens the Sales Cycle

Whether free or paid, hosting an online event, whether it’s an hour, a half day or multiple days, you have the rare opportunity to meet potential clients face-to-face via the camera. They get to know you and how you work. They instantly gauge your level of experience and expertise and learn right away if you’re someone they want to work with.

This all sounds great right, but maybe you’re not sure what value you can offer during an online event. The truth is, if you are serving clients now, you have something valuable to offer a larger audience. Whether it’s teaching potential clients the first step in your process, or taking a small piece of your first step and guiding them through it, or helping them make a radical mindset shift to prepare them to work with you, you have something of value to share.

You can also add value by hosting an online event regarding the myths in your field. What should potential clients look out for when choosing a service provider? What are the common mistakes your clients make BEFORE working with you? What are some little known secrets when it comes to what you do that could help others?

Making personal connections and offering value is the quickest way to earn your potential clients’ trust. When you earn their trust, they’re more likely to buy from you.

The point is that if you are in business and seeing results, hosting an online event increases your visibility and reach and shortens the sales cycle.

Here are 5 of the Most Compelling Reasons to Host an Online Event:

  • The cost is minimal, especially compared to in-person events (in fact, there is no correlation between the amount of money spent on tech tools and the level of success for an online event)
  • They provide a way for you to get more personal with potential clients. People buy from those they trust. Using an online event to develop relationships is the key to growing and sustaining a profitable business.
  • They reduce the sales cycle and your marketing costs. Online events (think free webinars here) can be automated and used as a lead or a standalone digital product.
  • They help you grow your business in reach and revenue by eliminating barriers like distance and travel costs.
  • They give you an opportunity to learn what your potential clients really need and want from you. This is PURE GOLD in business. Knowing what people need and want from you gives you a direct way to serve them.

If you want to interact more personally, learn what your potential clients need and want, and grow your business, hosting a free online event is a great option. If you already know what your potential clients need and want, hosting a paid online event is a lucrative way to generate revenue in your business at specific times throughout the year.

One thing is for sure. Online events are here to stay. Showing up online offers more opportunities than staying behind the scenes ever could.

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