Tired of spinning your wheels, wasting time and losing sleep over your website copy?

This FREE Guide walks you step-by-step through the 5 insider secrets of writing compelling copy that gets more clicks and more conversions.

Copywriting Guide for Freelancers

In this FREE fillable guide, you’ll learn the 5 insider secrets to writing copy that gets more clicks and conversions. You’ll learn how to:


  • Write an engaging tagline that attracts your ideal client

  • Find your differientator (that thing you do that makes you unique) 

  • Craft a powerful headline that clearly states the solution you offer

  • Write meaningful benefits that position you as a trusted authority

  • Create a compelling sales script (sans sleaze) that gets your prospects to say yes

  • Use the right words when telling prospects what you do

Finding and using the right words is easier than you’ve been led to believe. This guide takes

you step-by-step in writing compelling copy for your business that makes you stand out and

above the competition.

Hey there fellow freelancer!

I know how hard it is to write copy for your business. And hiring a copyrighter is scary as heck because it’s  expensive and difficult to find a copywriter who really “gets” you and your business.

I know you’re the kind of person who wants to make a difference in people’s lives.  And in order to make the big impact you want, you need words that engage, clearly communicate what you offer and compel people to buy.

The problem is you’re struggling to find the right words and this holds you back from doing the meaningful work you’re here to do. This FREE fillable guide was created with YOU in mind.  

If you’re tired of wasting time, spinning your wheels and losing sleep at night over your website, download this guide now and learn how to find the right words to attract (and convert) your ideal clients.

About Kelly Stokes Brown, owner of KSB Online Marketing

Sales Copywriter, Lead Gen Expert and Business Consultant

Affectionately known as “the fixer” by clients and colleagues, Kelly has over 10 years’ experience in sales copywriting and lead generation. With a tenacious spirit combined with in-depth understanding of the psychological principles of copywriting and sales, Kelly often exceeds her clients’ expectations in delivering copy and in providing innovative solutions to marketing and sales challenges many business owners face.

She is happily married with three grown sons and lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her and her husband are travel junkies and enjoy exploring new places and cultures. She also loves nature and spending her free time running, camping, hiking and hanging with her friends, family and her black labrador, Moose.

Kelly Stokes Brown

5 Insider Secrets for Writing Copy that Converts

Get More Clicks and Make More Money with this Step-by-Step Copywriting Playbook for Service-Based Freelancers