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The Practical Magic of Manifesting

Step by Step Action Plan for Co-Creating Your Wildest Dreams

If you’ve tried manifesting and nothing happened, or worse, more of what you didn’t want kept showing up…
It’s time to learn the 8 step practice that takes you from dreaming to becoming a powerful co-creator!

By the end of this online course, you’ll:

  • Forge an intentional commitment statement that honors your power to create as a creator
  • Tune into your energetic wheel of fortune and raise your vibrations to match your desires
  • Experience a deep and healing release from anything that no longer belongs to you
  • Release any resistance you feel in getting what you want
  • Create a meaningful life vision that aligns with your deepest desires
  • Take part in a powerful ritual where your dreams grow and flourish
  • Write your own manifestation mantra that anchors you in the feelings and energy of what you want to experience
  • Apply the law of effort so you stay in motion and in action in bringing what you want into your life
  • Use a powerful technique to align your thoughts with your actions so every part of you (mind, body and energy) works together.

No potions. No magic spells. And no moon dances here (although we’re not opposed to any of these). What you will get inside this course is a practical step-by-step action plan for bringing in what you want to experience.

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The Practical Magic of Manifesting


All in one Planners

Best All in One Planners for Creative Consultants, Freelancers & Solopreneurs

It’s HERE! Everything You’ve Always Wanted in a Planner But Could Never Find

We searched. We tried them all. But we never found the perfect planner that met our needs as self-employed creatives. So, we designed one that worked the way we wanted. This passion project evolved into Juggling Khaos, a boutique online store for the dreamers, the doers and the movers who make it happen because life isn’t a side hustle.


Plan, Produce & Profit

4 Simple Steps to Get Clear, Stay Focused and Make More Money in Business

Ready to kiss overwhelm, procrastination and crappy results good-bye so you make more money in your business?

Heck, yeah you are!

This downloadable audio course takes you step by step through a proven process that helps creatives just like you move out of meaningless task work and move into focus-driven, purposeful projects that actually results in business and revenue growth.

Only $37

Plan, Produce & Profit
Rock Your Social Media

Rock Your Social Media in Less than 3 Hours Per Month

NEW Online Course Launches May 1st, 2021

This take action course helps you promote yourself and your biz on social media without…

  • Feeling totally overwhelmed
  • Spending thousands of precious hours creating images or writing content
  • Pulling your hair out wondering what in the heck to post
  • Being confused about where to post
  • Draining every once of your creativity and joy

One of the biggest obstacles for most small business owners when it comes to managing their social media channels is finding the time! From coming up with fresh, fun and engaging content, and creating images and videos to getting it published. UGH! It feels like a full time job in and of itself.

But that’s all about to change for you because I’m going to share how you can create great content fast and push it out consistently in just 3 hours per month.

Only $47

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Marketing Terms Cheat Sheet

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Marketing Terms Cheat Sheet
Your Business Planning Blueprint

Your Business Planning Blueprint

If you’re serious about achieving your business goals, you need a blueprint to reach your goals.

This free guide walks you through the six key steps to business planning so you make the impact and the revenue you want in the new year.

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Copywriting Guide for Freelancers
6 Steps to Creating a Lucrative Lead Magnet

6 Steps to Creating a Lucrative Lead Magnet

No matter where you are in the lead magnet process, you’ve found the perfect guide to walk you through the 6 key steps of creating and launching a lucrative lead magnet.

You’ll be guided through:
Step 1: Create
How to choose the right topic that solves a real problem for your target audience
Step 2: Design
Why simple works best and how to choose a compelling title and subtitle that gets clicks
Step 3: Land
How to pinpoint and write compelling benefit statements so people click when they land
Step 4: Lead
How to consistently lead people to your free offer
Step 5: Engage
Write a nurturing email series that leads to your product or service offering
Step 6: Optimize
Measure to test, track and tweak for effective results

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How to Create Sizzlin’ Social Media Video Content Fast

So You Show Up Confidently & Consistently Where it Matters Most

This simple guide helps you promote yourself and your biz on social media without…

  • Feeling totally overwhelmed
  • Spending thousands of precious hours creating images
  • Pulling your hair out wondering what in the heck to write
  • Wasting oodles of time or draining your energy
  • Feeling sleazy, slimy or salesy

By following the steps in this guide, you’ll be on your way to sharing hot sizzlin’ social media content fast so you show up confidently and consistently where it matters most!

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How to Create Sizzlin’ Social Media Video Content Fast