What’s in this free plan?

This 34-page in-depth fillable PDF is divided into 6 parts – each part being crucial to the development and growth of any business. Starting with your business and business goals, an extensive competitive analysis guide, outlining marketing objectives, and working through defining your target audience, setting realistic financial projections and budgeting for marketing tactics and finally ending with creating a marketing calendar, this plan has everything you need to gain clarity about what you do, who most needs what you have to offer, how to reach people who need your products and/or services, and how to market to your target audience for the greatest return on your marketing dollars.



In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to set yourself apart from the competition
  • How to find potential clients who are clamoring for your products/services
  • The most effective ways to market to your potential clients
  • How to implement a real marketing plan and stick with it



What Clients Say

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About Kelly Stokes Brown

Kelly Stokes Brown is the owner of KSB Marketing Online and is a sales copywriter and marketing strategist with over 8 years’ experience. She works with many New York Times bestselling authors and renowned motivational speakers, numerous CEO’s and a large international publishing company. Kelly’s passion and expertise is in creating powerful messages with innovative marketing plans resulting in impressive, measurable results. Along with her tenacious spirit and in depth understanding of business development, Kelly consistently delivers compelling copy and comprehensive marketing plans, on time and within budget. In a collaborative project, Kelly created a lead magnet generating over 600,000 leads. She was instrumental in writing copy for popular, well attended online courses, product sales and large events producing over 5 million dollars in revenue. She lives in Southern California with her husband, three sons (2 in college) and their Labrador Moose.

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