KSB Brings Your Business Vision to Life

You’ve come to the right place IF YOU are…

  • Overwhelmed, stressed out and feel like you have to do it all to succeed in business
  • Unclear about what steps to take to grow your business and make more money
  • Constantly juggling work and family leaving you little time to work on your business
  • Tired of all the conflicting marketing advice which leaves you stuck or worse, doing everything!
  • Wanting more clients coming to you in an automated way (sans your time)
  • Driven to be personal, honest and real with your clients
  • A little bit ADD in your work habits…
  • Hoping to find someone who cares as much about you and your business as you do!

With all the free webinars, training courses, and “how to” videos out there, no wonder you’re all over the place! The question is, even if you spend all of your time learning the latest, these questions remain: “Will this work for me” and “How in the heck will I have time to get it done,” right?

The simple truth is not everything you learn will apply to your business and you can’t do it ALL – not if you really want to grow your business and your revenue.

But…hiring someone feels risky (eek)! How will you know they will provide you with what you really need? How can you ensure you get the results you want? Who can you trust? And, OMG, how much will it cost me?

Finding the right person isn’t easy. You need someone who is reliable, communicative, and creative, AND understands your business vision. But you also need someone who has proven they know what in the heck they are doing, right?

Here’s why you need (and can trust) KSB:

I’m Kelly Stokes Brown, the heart and soul of KSB, and I care about you and your business visions. It matters to me that you are successful and ridiculously prosperous in your business endeavors!

I’m different from other marketing peeps out there because I’m heart-centered and my focus is on YOUR success. My clients can attest to the value of having someone “on their side” who “gets” them AND produces results!

Creative, Unique Social Media Engagement Strategies

Innovative Lead Magnet Campaigns

Content Creation & Development of Online Products

Focused Marketing Plans

Authentic Copy that Speaks to the Heart

KSB can do all of this and more! Many of my clients have said that beyond providing them with an effective and viable plan and copy, they also felt “motivated” and “heard” when we work together. I’m like an enthusiastic cheerleader in the background while also producing the content and marketing plans you need to succeed. This WIN-WIN combination sets KSB apart – it’s that really caring piece that makes all the difference!

So, how can KSB help you?

Marketing Strategy Session – This one-hour FREE session provides an opportunity to learn more about you and the challenges you are facing and if I can provide INNOVATIVE and EFFECTIVE solutions that meet your business and budget needs. Contact KSB to schedule a free strategy session (seriously, no strings attached).

Creative and Unique Social Media Engagement Strategies – Want to attract more of and the right kind of people to your business? Social Media provides a FUN and visual way to share your unique message in a way that connects and ENGAGES your audience. The result – more people following you and joining your tribe!

Focused Marketing Plans for New Product or Service – Who are your peeps and where are they? Before you set off on creating a product or service for your clients, wouldn’t it be nice to know it was actually WANTED or NEEDED by your clients?

Get your focused marketing plan with detailed action steps and tactics to help you reach more clients in less time and less $$. If you’re a DIY kind of gal, download this free Ultimate Marketing Plan and get your goals a rockin’!

Creative Content for Online Course or Webinar Series – From an “idea” to an actual online product – KSB does it all! If you find yourself going through the same process over and over with clients and want a way to streamline this process, courses and webinars are the way to go – they generate new leads and help save you time “prepping” your clients. The BEST part is that we work together to make sure the course or webinar series you have in mind is actually viable in the marketplace BEFORE creating it! This saves you a tremendous amount of time, stress and money…Phewf!

Innovative Lead Magnet Campaigns – Fun and CREATIVE ways to connect with people who want what you have to offer. From concept to finished product, you’ll have an offer that your audience LOVES and a way to NURTURE them after they say YES to you.

Authentic Copy that Speaks to the Heart – Seriously, if you can’t have a conversation with your people, it’s a problem! I make sure your message is personal, appealing and in line with what they really want and need from you. This keeps them engaged and wanting MORE. And it’s all in your voice so it is AUTHENTIC and natural.

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Kelly Stokes Brown is the owner of KSB Marketing Online and has over 8 years experience in Marketing Strategy, Sales Copywriting, Social Media Engagement and Lead Generation. She works with many New York Times bestselling authors and renowned motivational speakers, numerous CEO’s and a large international publishing company. Kelly’s passion and expertise is in creating powerful messages with innovative marketing plans resulting in impressive, measurable results. Along with her tenacious spirit and in depth understanding of business development, Kelly consistently delivers compelling copy and comprehensive marketing plans, on time and within budget.

In a collaborative project, Kelly created a lead magnet generating over 600,000 leads. She was instrumental in writing copy for popular, well attended online courses, product sales and large events producing over $5 million in revenue.

In 2016, hearing the increasing demand from business owners with dynamic, meaningful and creative products, Kelly began offering do-it-for-you services to help business owners (who had amazing ideas, but little time) create effective and profitable online courses and products for their target audiences.

Kelly lives in Southern California with her husband, youngest son and black Labrador, Moose. Her oldest son attends University of Oregon and her middle son is traveling the world. Kelly enjoys camping, hiking, running, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.



Magnetic Messaging
Creative messaging that engages, generates leads and converts. Every word is tailored to your unique services and products to build awareness, attract ideal clients and keep them coming back.


Mesmerizing Offers
Persuasive psychology to target needs and wants of your ideal client. Magnetize your clients with lead magnets and products that serve your clients in a meaningful way.


Make Your Vision a Reality
Stay ahead of marketing trends with new strategies and tactics to reach clients who need your products and/or services. Focused marketing plans that help you stay on track and reach your business vision.


Make a Great First Webpression

Just starting a business? Need help with website copy and design ideas? Let’s get you started on the right foot by creating compelling copy, layout and image suggestions that are search engine-friendly and clearly communicate who you serve and why you are the right choice.

Package details:

  • Up to 3 calls via phone or Skype (30-60 minutes each) to understand your business and revenue goals
  • Comprehensive marketing plan to determine your target audience, analyze your competition, align with affiliates, if possible, create your “sweet spot” so you stand out, and creative marketing strategies and tactics to reach your target audience in cost-effective ways.
  • Website layout suggestions to appeal to your target audience, including copy to ensure visitors are clear that you “get” them and why they should work with you
  • Compelling copy for Home page, About page, Products and/or Services page, plus FAQ page (up to 8 FAQs) that speaks to the heart of the matter
  • Up to 3 revisions on all content so you are 100% satisfied

Starting at $1490

Boosting Your Online Presence to Attract Clients

If you already have a website, but you’re not getting the clients or the revenue you want. This package is all about boosting your existing website copy so that it speaks to people you want to attract. This package also includes INNOVATIVE ways to draw more clients to you.

Package details:

  • Two 30-minute phone or Skype interview to understand your business and revenue goals
  • Selective rewriting and/or editing of existing web copy (up to 6 pages)
  • Selective adding of additional content, if required and generating ideas to lead more clients to you
  • Keyword suggestions to make your site more search engine-friendly
  • Suggestions for layout changes and additional marketing tactics to help you speak to and engage the people you want to serve
  • Up to 3 revisions on all edits so you are 100% satisfied

Starting at $790

Lead Magnet (Free Offer) and Nurturing Email Sequence Package

If you already have a website and want to create a lead magnet to draw more qualified leads to your business, this package is for you! Convert leads into customers with an E-mail auto responder nurturing sequence written in your voice that leads people to your unique products and/or services. When potential customers opt-in for free content, you have a way to keep them engaged and build awareness about you and how you solve a problem or fill a need for your target audience.

Package details:

  • Up to 2 calls via phone or Skype (30-60 minutes each) to understand your business and revenue goals
  • Create lead magnet so it speaks to your target audience’s needs and to the solution you provide
  • Landing page and thank you page copy for lead magnet including layout and image suggestions
  • Compelling sequence of up to 6 nurturing emails specifically designed to nurture leads from your free offer, existing email list or social media following
  • Scheduling email sequence based upon the length of your customer’s sales cycle and your industry
  • Social media engagement strategy and copy for promoting your lead magnet
  • Up to 3 revisions on all emails so that you are 100% satisfied

Starting at $2500

Online Product Development 

Do you dream of creating a profitable and effective online course but have no idea how to start?

Your solution is HERE!

Let’s face it – you simply don’t have time to figure out how to create a course that includes the essential elements to make it a success. Even if you had the time, watching free webinars or taking a course to learn how to do this would take away from your already hectic schedule! What you really wish you had is someone to do the heavy lifting for you so you could get your course online quickly and easily! With KSB, your wish has come true!

This service is for you IF You..

  • Own a business and want to reach more people with an online course
  • Own a business and want to streamline training to save time and money when hiring
  • Have a system you’d like to automate
  • Already having success in business but want to offer your skills or knowledge in online course
  • Own a business but can’t keep up with in-person demands
  • Have a great idea for an online course but don’t have the time or energy to learn how to create a course
  • Provide an in-person service that you’d like to monetize online

KSB is your solution in getting your course online!


You can find numerous options for hosting your online course, but KSB takes it one step further. We create a viable and realistic marketing plan BEFORE you spend thousands creating a course to ensure your course is needed and wanted in the marketplace.  We also suggest affiliate relationships that make sense for you and your brand, so you’ll never have to go it alone in marketing your online course.


KSB works with you to create an online course that motivates, engages and enhances the lives of your target audience. We do more than help you deliver information; we show you how to help people apply what they learn.


Professional video and/or audio scripting, KSB prepares you for filming or recording so you deliver your very best on camera or on the mic. We provide the crew, lighting for video production –so you can focus on being the expert.

But we even go further! We also offer creative social media engagement plans to build awareness and generate excitement about your new online course to help you promote your course more effectively.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We have a free consultation call to learn more about you and your course idea
  • We do comprehensive market research to test the viability of your course
  • We complete a marketing plan so you know your target audience, their pains/frustrations/needs and how your online course provides a viable solution (all of this saves you from wasting time and money creating something that won’t sell)
  • We work with you to create your online course blueprint so there is structure and applicable learning modalities inserted so course takers can apply what they learn
  • We write compelling and engaging scripts for videos and audios from your content
  • We develop exercises and supplemental materials from your content to support your course
  • We produce and edit your videos and provide bumpers, graphics and music
  • We create an email nurturing campaign you can automate to lead your course takers through your course

All you have to do is provide the content (and we can even help you refine and develop existing content if needed).

Online Course Packages start at $2,000

We offer several packages to meet your specific needs, so you can decide what you need the most help with and what you prefer to do on your own.

If you already have an online course and simply need to get it out to your audience, we can help! Email kelly@ksbonlinemarketing.com today for some really cool ideas to intrigue, engage and compel your audience to learn more about your course.

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