About Kelly - An Experienced Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

More Impact. More Leads. More Consistent Revenue.

I know how hard it is to find a copywriter who “gets” you and your business. And how painful it is to pay for copywriting or marketing that doesn’t align with your brand or achieve the consistent results you want. Both of which make the hiring process feel risky.

At KSB Marketing Online, I believe copy and marketing efforts should make your business money. And I deliver on what I promise. On time. Every time.

My commitment to you…


I’ll use data and research to validate assumptions


I’ll be an asset (instead of a PIA) to your team


I won’t sell what I can’t deliver


I’ll listen with an open mind


I’ll always tell you the truth

I’ve worked with New York Times bestselling authors, multi-media publishing companies, and dozens of coaches, consultants and advisors in various industries, including real estate, finance, professional development, personal development and education.

100% of my clients say that beyond providing copy in their brand voice and marketing strategies that got results, they felt heard and supported throughout the process.

If you’re looking for an experienced copywriter and marketing consultant you can count on, we should talk.

Meet Kelly Stokes Brown, the Founder of KSB Marketing Online

In case we haven’t met yet…

Professionally, I’m an experienced copywriter, lead generation expert and marketing funnel strategist with over 12 years of experience. 

I discovered my love for marketing in 2009 after working as a project manager for John Assaraf’s Escape Velocity, a program that took 6 figure business owners to 7 figures and up. It was like getting an MBA without the student loan debt. Shortly after, I worked for Hay House and was soon writing copy for courses, book launches and the Hay House World Summit. But the urge to start my own business was growing stronger, so in 2012, I took the leap. Best. Decision. Ever.

As for formal education, I hold a B.A. in Literature and Writing and almost minored in psychology because I’m fascinated by how the mind works and what drives human behavior, especially when it comes to why we do (or don’t do) what we do. I dabbled in writing poetry, and a few of them were published in the San Diego Poetry Annual. 

If I only had 6 months to live, I’d sit my ass down and write that damn book that’s been noodling me for over a decade. It’s just so darn hard to get that slippery little sucker onto the page! 

Personally, I’m a bit of a Witchy Woman mixed with All of Me (workout version) and a hint of Way Down We Go. I’m obsessed with any kind of card deck – tarot, oracle, playing. I recently collaborated with a friend to create a fruit-inspired deck for creative business owners that I can’t wait to share! 

In early 2023, I started running my business like a business instead of a freelance gig. Scary and humbling AF. Because now I have to do all the things I’ve been doing for my clients. Like writing this “about me” message… 

Today, I work with marketing teams in mission-driven companies. If you’re looking for a results-focused consultant who can bring a fresh perspective and creative marketing solutions to your marketing team, we should talk.

I also work with service-based solopreneurs stuck in a cycle of feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated when marketing and selling their services. If you struggle with finding clients or making money consistently, I can help you

My superpower is seeing the highest potential in my clients and their brands and writing compelling messages in their brand voice. The kind that makes people want to soak up whatever they’re selling. 

But you probably also should know…

I am the proud mamma of three boys (now men) and I soak up any time I get with them. A former SoCal gal, my husband and I moved to Vancouver, WA in 2019  (and yes, it rains A LOT here) with our black Labrador, Moose. 

I will never apologize for telling you the truth. Sure, no one likes unsolicited advice, but if you ask me what I think, I’m going to give it to you straight.

Best job I ever had was waiting tables at Bully’s in Del Mar, CA. Walked away with over $150 per night in tips. Doesn’t sound all that lucrative today but back in the 90’s you could live on your own in SoCal and pay for college for well under $2k per month. 

The easiest money I ever made was a slot machine at Sandia Casino in Albuquerque, NM. Turned $80 into $17k in less than an hour. Never. Happened. Again. Trust me, I’ve tried. 

I’m up around 5:30 am and if I get dressed at any point during the day, I feel like a superhero! For this reason, I despise pop ins. Sounds like I don’t like people. But I do. I just don’t like surprises.

I’ve never had a professional photo taken. And yes, I know it shows. But I’m not a fan of filtered images that look nothing like the person in real life. Just. Plain. Creepy.