Are you a small business owner who wants to create a free offer to draw people organically to your website? Here’s a simple step-by-step plan to help you get your free offer up and running quickly and easily! There’s even an infographic below for those short on time and attention.


Step 1: Determine What People are Clamoring to Get Their Hands on Right Now.


What do your clients really need from you? This is an important question to answer so you don’t waste time creating something no one really wants or needs. Think about the number one question you get from your clients. What do you help them do in a way that they can’t find anywhere else? If you are not sure what you offer or how what you offer is unique, start by downloading The 5 Insider Secrets for Writing Copy that Converts– it’s absolutely free and will take the confusion out of what you offer and why it’s unique!


Step 2: Choose Type of Free Offer


What’s the best way to provide this free information? For example, can you teach people how to do something specific in a webinar? Can you provide a checklist or guide that walks people step-by-step through a process? Is an eBook the best way to offer this free information? Or maybe a free consultation is best. Once you determine how your audience likes to consume information, you can choose how to provide it to them.


Step 3: Create Your Free Offer


Now that you know what you can share for free that your peeps really want, it’s time to start creating! You’ll want to keep your larger goal in mind when creating your free offer. Will this free offer lead to a low end offer? Will you use this free offer to engage and build your list? Do you want to use this free offer to pre-qualify a potential client? Knowing the end goal can be very helpful in using your free offer for a bigger purpose.

Outline what you want to share in the free offer. If you are hosting a free webinar, write a script that clearly defines who this free webinar is for, how it will help them, and why you are an expert in this matter. If you choose to do a checklist, infographic, PDF or other digital offer, titles are the key! Make sure the title is compelling and is search engine friendly (meaning what someone might type in to a search engine to find the information you provide). When creating titles, it’s a good idea to type in the title in a search engine to see what comes up. This will help you come up with titles and subtitles that inspire people to take action.

The outline of your free offer should include a main learning objective – that thing that you want them to learn how to do by using your free offer. You can then develop that main objective by working backwards. What steps would someone have to take to implement this new behavior, idea or strategy? For example, in The 5 Insider Secrets to Writing Copy that Converts, the main objective was to help business owners write compelling copy to use on their website, in their offers and in conversation with others. Each section of this guide offers copywriting tips to help them achieve clarity about their business offerings and who best benefits from these offerings while also learning how to stand out from the competition. Once each step is completed, the end result is having copy that gets people to take action. Now, don’t think you have to create something big as a free offer. Offers can be short, like a checklist or infographic or as long as an eBook. The most important aspect in creating a free offer is that your people really want it and it is delivered in a way that’s easy to consume.


Step 4: Looks Do Matter


Now that you have content for your free offer, it’s time to give it a unique look that appeals to people who need it. What types of images or slides will you need to supplement the information you share? Branding this free offer is critical to draw people back to you and your business – so be sure to include your logo, contact information and website URL on every page and on multiple slides if you are hosting a free webinar. You’ll also want to consider colors and fonts that appeal to your audience. I highly recommend hiring a graphic designer to help you design this free offer. Consider what kind of impression you want to make. You’ll also consider your own personality or business persona when designing your offer. Are you fun and friendly? Serious and direct? Funky and wild? By embedding your own persona, you can make your free offer stand out.


Step 5: How to Get People to Your Free Offer


Once you’ve completed your free offer, it’s time to consider how people will find it. This is where a landing page comes in – but don’t panic – you don’t need to write a lot of copy or know a lot of techy stuff. You can design and write copy for a landing page quickly and easily using Lead Pages. Or, if you have a website that includes a landing page plug in, you can create it pretty quickly. If you are not techy at all, I suggest you hire a web developer to help you create the landing page. The cost is minimal and will save you hours of frustration.


Here’s what you’ll need on the landing page for your free offer:

  • A compelling, search engine friendly title and a subtitle that speaks to the solution your free offer provides
  • A great image that resonates with your audience
  • Your business logo
  • Form fields and submit button for collecting first names and email addresses for those who opt-in (sign up for your free offer from the landing page)
  • A short overview of the benefits of this free offer
  • A short bio about you and/or your business
  • Thank you page that pops up once someone enters their name and email address that directs them to how to access this free offer. “Thank you for making a great decision. Check your inbox to download [Title of your free offer}.“ This page would have your logo and website URL as well – and you might invite them to follow you on social media.


For a free webinar, you’ll also need to provide time and date of the webinar. You’ll also need to choose a webinar platform to host your webinar.

You can learn more about writing killer landing pages here.


Step 6: Lead the Way 


Once you’re landing page and thank you page are set up, create a short email series that triggers automatically once someone opts in. Drip is a great email automation solution that’s free for smaller lists and is easy to use. You’ll need a little help integrating Drip with your website landing page or Lead Page if you are not tech savvy or don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of finding an article that shows you how to do this on your own.

The first email is just a thank you, personal greeting and a link to download the free offer. The second and third emails can be tailored to meet your specific goals. Maybe you want people to take a short survey, follow you on social media, join you in a private community on Facebook, etc.

If you are hosting a free webinar, the first email will be thank you, personal greeting, webinar details and how to access your webinar. The second email will be one hour before reminder. The third email would be thank you for joining and a link to the replay. This automated series allows you to deliver your free offer whenever someone opts in and helps you build a relationship with them.


Step 7: Keep People Engaged


This step includes all the ways you drive people to your landing page to opt-in for your free offer. You can run social media ads or boosted posts to draw them to your landing page, or you could send an email to your current list to let them know about this new free offer. You may find other complementary, but not competing, companies who may wish to share this offer with their clients. Or you may promote this free offer at speaking engagements or with business colleagues. The options are limitless – just remember, it’s important to get the word out about your free offer, so don’t be shy.


Step 8: Test, Test, Test


Before you go live with your free offer, make sure you sign up first to ensure you receive the automated email series and any additional emails you’ve set up. If, after you’ve tested all links and emails, everything works as you envisioned, you can then send people to this landing page. If you have trouble getting people to give you their email address in return for your free offer, consider revising the landing page copy or ask people you trust to review it and give feedback. It’s okay if at first you don’t succeed – just try again until you get some momentum.

One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners is the mentality that they have to do all the pieces on their own. This is not only defeating but almost impossible! Don’t be afraid to hand pieces of this endeavor over to the experts. If you’re not a designer, hire one to help you. If you’re not a good writer, hire a content writer to fill in the pieces you’re missing. If you aren’t techy, let a web developer do all of these parts. You’ll be glad you did because you’ll have more time and more energy to focus on creating free valuable content that leads the right people to your business services and products.



If you’d like more information about creating great free offers or you need some extra support in marketing or copywriting, feel free to reach out to KSB Marketing Online at You can also follow us on Facebook and send me a message with your question. I’m happy to help!