Part 1 of 5-Part Series for Service-Based Solopreneurs, Freelancers and Consultants

What’s really keeping a smart woman like you stuck?

Do you fully OWN who you are, how you got here and what you stand for? 

Do you tell the truth about what you went through to get to where you are today?

Are you ready and willing to take a stand for what you believe in even if others don’t agree?

Then it’s time to dive into this 5- part Sucky Things series!

After working with incredibly intelligent, creative and innovative women business owners over the past 10 years, I’ve noticed a few things that show up over and over again that keep women from living the kind of lives they want. 

And, being a creative business owner myself, I’ve fallen head first into these 5 sucky things more times than I can count! I’m a bit stubborn, so I’ve had to run into these 5 sucky things multiple times before finally getting the message. 

What I can now say with confidence is that once you identify the sucky thing that keeps you from making REAL, TANGIBLE and FEELABLE progress, you’ll know how to move through it instead of staying stuck in the suck

So let’s dive into Sucky Thing #1!

Thing #1: You think you don’t know what you want

You probably already know what it is you want but you might be too afraid to claim it or say it out loud.

Because then, well, you’d have to DO something about it. 

And if you DO something, you might look like a fool, fail, or feel super uncomfortable. 


Your life might change drastically. You might have to level up your habits, say “no” more often or cut some people loose. 

And these changes that come from the “doing” make your brain go bonkers! Because your brain’s number one job is to keep you safe, and to “protect” you from getting hurt. That’s why the brain likes things to stay the same, and kind of freaks out when you even think about doing something different or new

How often do you drive a new route home? How often do you change up your morning routine? My guess is hardly ever.  Your mind prefers automation over innovation whenever possible. Because change (doing something different) takes effort and might even seem risky from your brain’s point of view.

This “protective” part of your mind also keeps you from dreaming BIG. Because if you dream BIG, then you might have to do something BIG. Which most definitely requires change, uncertainty, risk and discomfort. Your brain doesn’t like ANY of these things. 

When you think you don’t know what you want, you can’t look to the brain for answers.

This isn’t something you can “think” your way through. 

You gotta go deeper. Much, much deeper.  You have to feel into your heart and your soul to find what it is you really want. And, you might already know what that “want” or “deep desire” is on some level. It’s often a vision or an idea or a longing that feels BIGGER, more exciting, more daring and almost too far “out there.” 

And our desires don’t always make sense or align with our current lifestyle or even seem attainable. 

But that point of desire within you is the very point where attainment begins. 

So try not to deny or dismiss your deepest desires. Instead, claim them. Honor them. Own them. Because it’s through the point of desire that you’ll get clear about what it is you really want! You are no accident and neither are your desires.

Check back next week for sucky thing #2!

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