Part 3 of a 5 Part Series for Service-Based Solopreneurs, Freelancers and Consultants

Have you ever written down your biggest and boldest dreams only to feel wrong, bad, guilty, selfish, dirty or even ashamed for wanting what you want

It’s common (and almost expected) for women to feel undesirable feelings for wanting what they want.

And when this happens…

Women dismiss or deny their true desires, especially if they were taught that to want or to desire something is wrong, bad or greedy. 

Sucky Thing #3 is a BIG problem for smart, ambitious and highly driven women.

Thing #3: Feeling bad, wrong, guilty, greedy or ashamed for wanting whatever it is you want. 

Have any of the following questions surfaced after claiming out loud what you really wanted…

  • Is it bad if I want a shit ton of money?
  • Is it weird that all I care about is traveling?
  • Is it wrong if I want to spend my days creating and playing? 
  • Am I dirty for wanting a hot, sexy, and loving partner?
  • Is it greedy if I want more out of life even though I’ve got it pretty good?

No, no, no, no and definitely not. 

Those stirrings you feel inside – whether for money, for travel, for love, for making a profound impact on the world, for MORE – they are calling your attention for a reason. Your desires want to be expressed.

Wanting wealth, craving connection, longing for creative play or desiring adventure is healthy and vital to expressing yourself fully.

You are here to experience it all. 

But there’s another, more beneficial reason for claiming and owning your desires…

Because denying or dismissing your desires leads to illness, burnout, apathy and feeling numb. 

And that’s a BIG problem. Because if you get sick, burn out or stop caring, other people suffer for it!

You are allowed to want and to desire

You are NOT bad, dirty, wrong or greedy for wanting whatever it is you want.

If some unconventional or unusual desires arise for the second half of this year, know that you are on the right path.

And if you are completely content with your life right now and don’t have any burning desires… well, there’s no shame or guilt or feeling bad in that either. 

Check in next week for Sucky Thing #4!

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