Part 4 of a 5 Part Series for Service-Based Solopreneurs, Freelancers and Consultants

You’re a smart, ambitious and highly motivated woman…

Who’s got the big picture view of what you want for your business…

And you know the first few things you need to do to gain some traction…

But then, you get stuck in overwhelm, procrastination or self-doubt trying to figure out ALL of the steps.

Weeks, months, even years later, you reflect on your BIG vision and hope or wish someday this idea becomes real, tangible, feelable.

That vision in your head never takes on a real, feelable, tangible form…

You never took any action because you were afraid of taking the wrong action!

Which might make you look foolish, imperfect or ill prepared.

Well hello Sucky Thing #4!

Thing #4:  You get stuck thinking you have to KNOW IT ALL to make your vision a living, breathing reality

If you’re a type A, Enneagram Type 7 or a self-proclaimed perfectionist, you’re not going to like this but…

You need to get real cozy with not having all the answers or knowing all the steps. 

Because you can’t know it all until you start taking the “known” steps. 

As you start doing what you already know to do, you’ll learn what you don’t know. And you’ll course correct as needed. 

I know this sounds counterintuitive to the calculating mind…

But you DON’T NEED to know ALL of the steps or have all of the answers.

You just need to start from where you are, with what you know and with what you have.

Once you get into motion, you’ll learn what you need to know as you go and grow. 

Check in next week for Sucky Thing #5!

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